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Ncert solution for class 11 mathematics chapter - 9 SEQUENCES AND SERIES

Ncert solution for class 11 mathematics chapter - 9 SEQUENCES AND SERIES

Exercise 9.1

  1. Ncert Solution Class 11 question 1 to 6 
  2. Ncert Solution for class 11 question 7 to 10
  3. Ncert  Solutions for exercise 9.1 question 11 to 13 
  4. Ncert solution question 14

Exercise 9.2

  1.  Find the sum of odd integers from 1 to 2001. 
  2.  Find the sum of all natural numbers lying between 100 and 1000, which aremultiples of 5.
  3.  In an A.P., the first term is 2 and the sum of the first five terms is one-fourth ofthe next five terms. Show that 20th term is –112. 
  4.  How many terms of the A.P. – 6, 112− , – 5, … are needed to give the sum –25?
  5.  In an A.P., if pth term is 1qand qth term is 1p, prove that the sum of first pqterms is 12(pq +1), where p ≠ q. 
  6.  If the sum of a certain number of terms of the A.P. 25, 22, 19, … is 116. Find thelast term. 
  7.  Find the sum to n terms of the A.P., whose kth term is 5k + 1. 
  8.  If the sum of n terms of an A.P. is (pn + qn2), where p and q are constants,find the common difference. 
  9.  The sums of n terms of two arithmetic progressions are in the ratio5n + 4 : 9n + 6. Find the ratio of their 18th terms. 
  10.  If the sum of first p terms of an A.P. is equal to the sum of the first q terms, thenfind the sum of the first (p + q) terms. 
  11.  Sum of the first p, q and r terms of an A.P are. a, b and c, respectively.Prove that a (q r) b (r p) c ( p q) 0p q r− + − + − =12. The ratio of the sums of m and n terms of an A.P. is m2 : n2. Show that the ratioof mth and nth term is (2m – 1) : (2n – 1). 
  12.  If the sum of n terms of an A.P. is 3n2 + 5n and its mth term is 164, find the valueof m. 
  13.  Insert five numbers between 8 and 26 such that the resulting sequence is an A.P. 
  14.  If 1 1n nn na ba − b −++is the A.M. between a and b, then find the value of n. 
  15. Between 1 and 31, m numbers have been inserted in such a way that the resultingsequence is an A. P. and the ratio of 7th and (m – 1)th numbers is 5 : 9. Find thevalue of m. 
  16.  A man starts repaying a loan as first instalment of Rs. 100. If he increases theinstalment by Rs 5 every month, what amount he will pay in the 30th instalment? 
  17. The difference between any two consecutive interior angles of a polygon is 5°.If the smallest angle is 120° , find the number of the sides of the polygon. 

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