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Power Sharing Chapter 1 Social Science Class 10 ncert solutions

Class X                        Chapter 1 – Power Sharing                      Social Science

Question 1What are the different forms of power sharing in modern democracies? Give anexample of each of these. 

Question 2:State one prudential reason and one moral reason for power sharing with anexample from the Indian context.

Question 3:After reading this chapter, three students drew different conclusions. Which of thesedo you agree with and why? Give your reasons in about 50 words

Question 4:The Mayor of Merchtem, a town near Brussels in Belgium, has defended a ban onspeaking French in the town’s schools. He said that the ban would help all non-Dutchspeakers integrate in this Flemish town. Do you think that this measure is in keepingwith the spirit of Belgium’s power sharing arrangements? Give your reasons in about50 words.

Question 5:Read the following passage and pick out any one of the prudential reasons for powersharing offered in this.

Question 6:Different arguments are usually put forth in favour of and against power sharing.Identify those which are in favour of power sharing and select the answer using thecodes given below? Power sharing:

Question 7:Consider the following statements about power sharing arrangements in Belgium andSri Lanka.

Question 8:Match list I (forms of power sharing) with List II (forms of government) and selectthe correct answer using the codes given below in the lists:

Question 9:Consider the following two statements on power sharing and select the answer usingthe codes given below:

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